👋 About Hammock

Since the internet came along, there's only been more information available to us.

But the way we find and choose what to read online has for too long been driven by algorithms. And reading independently has limited how and what we learn from it.

Now that people are ready to take back their mind (and companies like Substack are putting people back in charge), we believe we have all the building blocks we need to build Hammock, a social reading app focused on learning.

Imagine that when reading, you could see the highlights, annotations, and marginalia of friends or other people you trust. Knowing what they consider to be good and relevant content helps you discover and jump onto it right away, as well as maximize your learning.

This is what we're building with Hammock. A place where people can read and learn from each other, while having control over what they put in their mind.

As a stepping stone, we started with the reading and learning experience for newsletters. We spent the past 6 months doing user research, interviewed with Y Combinator, and launched the closed beta for our newsletter reader (short demo here). The feedback from the first users is more than encouraging:

I love Hammock. I open it every day.

It has almost replaced Gmail for me.

⛰️ Our Team


Juraj & Martin

For the past 4 years, we've been leading product and partnership teams at Slido, SaaS product recently acquired by Cisco. This is where we developed our passion for building products from scratch and crafting every small detail of the user experience.

As avid learners and readers, we constantly discover new content, share it between us and with friends, but we also find it hard to find signal in the all that noise. Hammock is the experience we wanted for ourselves.

Now, we're looking to welcome the founding engineer to the team.

🎯 About You